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                           Tiger’s Eye 

Keywords: Protection, Prosperity, Confidence 

Element: Fire

Planet:  Saturn 

Tiger Eye is an exceptional gemstone for governing matters of protection. It has a natural energy field which repels negativity and keeps the troubles of others from impacting your life. When you are in the presence of tiger eye good luck is an ever-present source of power in your life. Prosperity & luck comes to you through all available paths. It can heal past emotional wounds and heal energy voids left by negative experiences in your journey. It enhances your will power and increases confidence .

It is a stone revered by ancient civilizations for its magnificent stronghold in supernatural energy.


Tiger Eye is a brown gemstone that features a sheen, or flash, through its many variances of brown, dark-brown, tan, and sometimes silver (hematite).


This is for one piece of tiger's eye. It will come with a reference card that you can put in your book of shadows or keep with you. We always package our stones in boxes with moss and dried flowers.  

Tumbled Tiger’s Eye Stones

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