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We are here to help the world, spirits, nature, and humans become at peace with each other.
We believe all is alive and believe in the soul that is at peace creates peace all around. 

- Tales from the Coven- 


“Tales from the Coven” was created by Mistress Syren (Jill Sarratt- Chavez) in 2020 in order to educate and help others, share her experience and to learn more about wicca, The Morrigan, magic, paranormal, and spirituality. 

Mistress Syren has been practicing witchcraft and paganism in many forms since she was 14 years old. She luckily had very understanding parents! Syren tried numerous philosophies and religions and resonated with Wicca. Wicca is a western movement whose followers practice nature worship and pagan gods and goddesses. They see it as a religion or belief based on pre-Christian traditions of Northern and Western Europe. She also works with the Fae, reads tarot, bones and runes. When she’s not dancing with swords, fire breathing or tattooing ,she’s creating taxidermy art pieces. Of course, she’s always a mama to her children, grown as they may be, and her four legged fur babies.

She likes and works on vintage cars and has a 1951 Chevy business coupe. Her home is like a tiki, witch, voodoo priestess and vintage museum. Her goal is to help others on their spiritual journey, learn more about magic and spirituality as well as shedding a new light in a world that needs it. She loves moon magic, working with the fae, tarot, herbs, crystals, candles, fire, earth, incense ,and many more forms of magic.


This journey began to take form as the world turned chaotic in 2020, Mistress Syren had the calling from her spirit guides to help the world with her knowledge. “Tales From The Coven” was born. It started out to sell candles and have a podcast, then turned into an educational as well as magical project. Now it’s becoming a place where spells, crystals, herbs, incense, wands and candles will be sold to help clients create magic.

The podcast will be for instruction but everything purchased through us will come with instructions on how to use them in your magic. Mistress Syren does not believe in harmful magic because she believes that everything you put out there will come back to you. She is  here to help the world, spirits, nature and humans become at peace with each other. She believes all is alive and believes in a soul that is at peace creates peace all around.

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