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These beauties are the perfect size to keep in you pocket ,bra or even a charm bag.  We cleanse and charge each stone. It will come carefully packaged with moss and dried flowers. We will include a reference card that you can put in your book of shadows or just keep with you. 


Keywords:  Transition, Emotional balance, Stress relief

Element:  Water

Planet: Jupiter, Neptune


One of the best mood stabilizers in the world of gemstones, the Lepidolite crystal contains a high amount of lithium, which is also used in anti-anxiety medication. It doesn't require a prescription and side effects include a sense of calm and tranquility during times of stress and chaos. Call on the Lepidolite crystal healing properties to balance the mind and spirit, especially when you are feeling paralyzed by the negative effects of stress and anxiety. 

The Lepidolite crystal properties work by bringing awareness to your current state of being. By focusing on what you are feeling right now, you can begin to take a step back from worrying about the future or stressing about the past and come back to your breath. The tranquility and calm that Lepidolite provides helps you to take a deep breath and focus on solutions so you can address the source of your stress rather than letting it take over. The ultra-soothing vibrations of this stone is also what makes it such a powerful crystal for supporting sleep and relaxation. Lepidolite’s name comes from the Greek translation of “scale,” which is a reference to its scaly appearance. It wasn’t discovered until 1861, and was initially called Lilalite due to its lavender hue. It contains the most lithium of any other mineral on earth. Lithium, an extremely light metal, has many high-tech uses. Its compounds are even used in some medications to regulate mood disorders. Lepidolite is also a rich source of other rare elements, including cesium and rubidium. Because Lepidolite contains so many valuable elements, it is highly sought after and mined for extraction. Lepidolite’s chemical composition is the reason why it is a prized mineral in metaphysical circles. 


The Lepidolite crystal meaning is connected to the lavender hues of this stone, which are associated with the third eye and crown chakras. This is what gives the Lepidolite crystal its powerful ability to sooth your mind and put your spirit at ease. This stone also has a unique composition – it naturally contains Lithium, which is used in anti-anxiety medication and is known to rebalance emotions. This allows Lepidolite to help you manage feelings of anxiety, stress, and other emotions that arise particularly effectively. 

The same qualities that make the Lepidolite crystal stone meaning so powerful for stress-relief and managing anxiety are what make it an equally powerful stone for sleep. Because of the calming effect and tranquil energy of this stone, working with it helps to set you up for deep sleep by putting your mind at ease and guiding you toward a state of relief and serenity. 

Another way to connect with the Lepidolite crystal meaning is by incorporating it into your meditation practice, a powerful way to access the healing energy of this striking purple stone. Sit quietly with the stone and breathe in the healing energy of the universe while exhaling to release negativity and other unwanted energies from your mind, body and spirit. When anxiety hits, it can be challenging to get back to a place of calm. When you are feeling anxious, use your Lepidolite crystal as a touchstone for you to tap into its soothing and stabilizing energy. The Lepidolite crystal healing properties are the perfect reminder to come back to your breath and take a step back so you can gain clarity on how to move forward as your highest self. This calming crystal for anxiety helps you release yourself from the grip of anxiety and tap into a more peaceful energy so you can address your worries and anxieties quickly and then move on. 

By learning to bring more awareness to the present moment and your anxious patterns, the Lepidolite crystal meaning enables you to shift your state of mind and replace damaging patterns with more restorative ones. The quicker you acknowledge that you are feeling anxious, the quicker you can change your state. 

Lepidolite is not only a powerful stone for awareness, but because of the Lithium content, it also helps to balance out your emotions – especially in the heat of the moment.   Lepidolite brings in good luck and dispels negativity. It also helps shift or rearrange old energy patterns, bringing hope and positivity to a bad situation.

Having a piece of this stone with you will also reduce the stress that comes with significant life changes.

Lepidolite restores the balance and brings inner peace. It helps you see the reasons behind the negative experiences so that you can work on them.

On a physical level, Lepidolite is believed to possess soothing energy for those who suffer from Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder.

It can also be beneficial to children with hyperactivity or ADHD. And wearing a Lepidolite necklace can help with sleeping disorders.


Tumbled Lepidolite Stones

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