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This is our special Valentine's Day lust box. It will comes in a cute red box with the  instruction parchment also. This box is designed to help bring lust, physical love and boost confidence. Your kit includes :

                     Lust oil spray

                     A spell jar necklace 

                     A tin of lust salt 

                     A lust smudge bundle 

                     Dressed tea light candle

                      A bottle of lust tincture

                       A garnet 

 You can wear your oil as a perfume or dress your candles with it. You can add it to your bath too. 
  To charge your spell jar necklace with your intention, take your candle ring it with your lust salt , put your garnet in the center of your circle along with your necklace . Light your candle and focus on feeling sexy. Let your candle burn down and wear your necklace. You can also put your salt in a bath to infuse you with those energies.  Your tincture can be used on candles,stones,bedding or even in your adult beverages. 

Lust Spell Box Kit

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