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Dragon’s blood is a resin obtained from the plant Daemomorops draco, or Dracaena draco also known as the dragon tree or Draconis palm or Dracaena cinnabari. The resin crystallizes and can then be pounded into a powder that can be used for a variety of purposes.


To use the fragrance in spellwork, the resin can be crushed and dissolved in oil which is then used to dress candles, or chunks of resin can be burned directly on coals or added to an incense stick or cone.

Dragon’s blood corresponds to the element fire and the planet Mars


It can also be added to magical sachets.

Dragon’s blood is used for banishing, protection, sexuality, love, and healing spells involving bleeding.

Dragon’s blood resin powder can be mixed with other ingredients to create an ink that is popular for use in spells, to write down one’s intent, or the name of a target or to draw seals and other symbols. It can also be used as a dye or varnish. Blend it with dried sage or sweetgrass for extra metaphysical protection.


Magickal Uses: Power to Spells, Manifestation, Intention, Protection, Love Drawing, Money Attraction, Healing Rituals, Emotional Strength, Heightening Ritual Energy, Banishing, Love, Protection, Increased Potency


This is for about one ounce of dragon's blood resin. It will come in a bag with a card with its properties.  You can burn this on our charcoal disks. 

Dragons blood resin

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