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Keywords: Psychic abilities,Meditation, Luck, Protection,Banishing

Element: Air, Fire

Planet: Sun


Frankincense has powerful properties for purification of the body, mind & spirit, for meditation, prayer or magickal practices, in which the user intends to build a stronger connection to their higher power. Frankincense can bring about intense spiritual growth as it clears  out any negativity, offering protection & strength. Frankincense can also greatly enhance one's mood and bring a great energy to help one focus on their personal enlightenment & overall happiness. Frankincense can also double as a paint, as it was used in Ancient Egypt to paint the eyelids of Women, keeping them blessed with the gift of 'sight.' Often before Mass, the Catholic church uses Frankincense resin burned over charcoal, to cleanse the sacred space & consecrate the environment before prayer or ritual, Helping to attune one's vibrations to a higher light. Frankincense makes for a powerful tool when one is working on deepening their communication with their higher self during meditation .

Magickal Uses: Cleansing, Exorcism, Meditation, Generally Lift the Spirits, Purification,

Protection, Spirituality, Sacred Space Preparation, Consecration, Blessing, Love, Courage, Ward Off Evil, Illumination, Ceremonial Incense


The frankincense will come to you  in an organza bag that has about 1 1/2 ounces in it. You can use it on charcoal all alone or mix it with other herbs to make incense blends.  We will include a card with correspondences and keywords, that you can use in your book of shadows.


SKU: 0004
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